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When all else fails, you can always make it up! Perish the thought that the media would ever do such a thing??
9 news report from Melbourne CBD where a car was deliberately driven on to the pavement and seriously injured many innocent pedestrians. As this report went to air there was one confirmed fatality.
An interesting take on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump. Check out the reporter on the left of the screen!
The US presidential debates have certainly had their moments. They certainly make the Australian and UK election campaigns look tame!
A panel of pilots give an 'On the Record' insight on what could have happened inside the cockpit
Scott Morrison's full 2016/17 budget speech to Parliament
US Republican presidential hopeful brought in through the backdoor as protesters throw raw eggs at police outside hotel.
According to former Facebook employees, this has been happening for the past two years!
Never one to miss the opportunity of a media appearance, Johnny Depp seems to have a slightly different version of his apology to the Australian authorities over the 'puppygate' saga!
BBC coverage of Helicopter operated by CHC flying from the Gullfaks oilfield to Bergen
When you're the president you really can say what you like!
BBC News report after Hillsborough verdict bringing some closure to the families who lost their loved ones in the 1989 disaster.
Now this is how you make an entrance at the start of a programme!




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