Media Training

Without blowing our own trumpet (too much!) our feedback forms have consistently given us the highest ratings for this course. We don't just tell you how to do it - we show you what works and, more importantly, what doesn't!

From the doorstep or ambush interview where preparation time is limited to say the least, through to the full scale press conference, we will guide you and your spokespeople through every step.

Using the latest news examples from around the world, our media training package will give you the confidence to face the press on time, every time.

These courses can run from a one day introduction through to a week long intensive exercise based programme and include TV, radio, written press and social media. In short, if you are ever likely to face the media during a major incident, you need Media Training!

We also have an advanced refresher course that we recommend on an annual basis to ensure that the skills are kept current. This can be run on a half or full day basis depending on previous training.

There are occasions where the media will set up camp outside your office or facility and broadcast live. We show you how to prepare a holding statement within minutes of an incident taking place and give you the training required to face the press without allowing potentially damaging media speculation when the facts are still unclear. 

Preparation is everything when dealing with the media and our courses will give you the confidence to manage the interview, ensure your message is delivered and your company reputation is protected.

We have courses for everyone from CEO to security and front of house.

“Professional media and relative responders training can protect and even enhance the reputation of your company during a crisis”