“Just share your vision with us and we’ll do the hard work for you!”

Video is very effective when used on your social media pages pages and we have the latest state of the art production facilities to ensure that you maintain full HD quality images throughout.

By keeping the file sizes manageable you can ensure that the loading time for each clip or page is kept to a minimum. If you already have a YouTube page we can upload your video clips directly to that site

We can now offer live streaming of your conferences, events, podcasts, webinars and exercises.

By discussing your project in full detail we can ensure maximum quality every time.

We have a green screen studio plus full editing and production facilities in house and can produce safety training and induction videos, supply television companies broadcast ready footage of on and off-shore installations and update your existing material for distribution online, SD card, memory stick, Blu Ray, DVD, CD  and DVcam tape.


Modern filming and editing techniques coupled with the latest computer software can produce a top quality programme at a fraction of the cost of using a major production house.

Many of our clients have engaged our services to provide training DVDs for security and reception staff who may face the media, several companies have asked us to produce a staff induction DVDs for new recruits and we are often asked to film facilities both on and off shore.

If you are looking to update any of your visitor induction presentations, we can provide a complete package including voice over, music, scripting and final presentation.


Every client has a different vision of what is right for them to ensure they project a professional image.

By taking the time to find out exactly what you want to demonstrate or provide, we firmly believe that our total filming and production package will help enhance your company’s image.

With the use of social media, many of our clients are now producing monthly pod-casts for use via intranet and uploading to YouTube, Facebook, twitter and all social media platforms. 

We can come in, film and add captions to a pod-cast ready to upload on the same day in the space of just a few hours.  We can also take your recordings and add captions, graphics and background music where required.


Technology has certainly moved on since the days of VHS tape and a courier service! Several companies find it useful to film their exercises for use in the post exercise debrief. Media Answers Australia can go one better and produce mock news items DURING a live exercise and have them played out as the exercise unfolds.

Adding these clips to the interviews and general observation will give all relevant observers a complete overview of your company exercise. We have undertaken similar projects within the energy sector, aviation and food processing over the years and the response is always positive. By contacting us today, we can discuss your project in full detail and ensure that you receive exactly the right product for your company.



“Professional media and relative responders training can protect and even enhance the reputation of your company during a crisis”