We can provide you with a full consultancy service looking at your emergency plans, helping draft your holding statements & press releases and if required, we can even provide a spokesperson to handle television and radio interviews. We can assist by facilitating press conferences, arranging one to one interviews, dealing with initial media enquiries and helping your telephone responder’s teams. Several of our clients engage us to run through a Q & A session with their media spokespeople before an interview. Your existing media plans can also be reviewed and updated as part of our consultancy service.

We have written and produced a standard media plan that can be adapted and modified to suit your company requirements. From pre-approved holding statements through to generic Q and As along with standard company messages, we can provide you with the correct level of support and back up. The media plan is very often too long and too detailed so we can edit your existing documents to be more user friendly during a major incident or completely re-write an individual media plan to suit your company.


Media Answers Australia can also help you with presentations to your senior management or interested stakeholders when it comes to media related issues. In the case of some overseas clients, your senior management or board of directors may not be fully aware of the International media expectations and, with the use of up to date examples, we can help produce your PowerPoint presentation for use at meetings or "town hall" style events.

What about general advice for staff who would not be expected to engage with the media?

Do you have a company policy in place regarding the use of social media during an incident?

One careless status update during a minor event could end up as lead story on the local news tonight!

Once again, we can provide awareness and advice on handling staff related issues when it comes to engaging with the press. From advice about random phone calls via the switchboard to shift workers at muster point, we have plans in place to help you deal with all of those situations.



“Professional media and relative responders training can protect and even enhance the reputation of your company during a crisis”