What would Scooby Doo??

29 Mar 2018 4:30 PMMike Bennett
What would Scooby Doo??

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and admit it! In a cringe worthy press conference cricket Australia boss James Sutherland loses even more credibility by heading down the politician route of avoiding the question.

This could have been handled very simply by answering the question honestly.

HERE is the transcript of the encounter

If cricket Australia were one of our clients this is what we would have advised them to do BEFORE stepping foot inside the press conference arena.

Journalist: "Did they cheat?"

James Sutherland : "Yes, I'm ashamed to say they did and for that we are all truly sorry. We don't condone this behaviour and, rest assured the punishment will indeed fit the crime. We hope this will be a lesson to everyone connected with the sport as we have a zero tolerance approach to cheating. The paying public and fans around the world deserve better"

Surely something along those lines that would have been a more credible response than deliberately avoiding the question then letting the backstage 'minder' take over.

Make no mistake, you can't expect to come out of this without short term damage to the image of the players and the sport but you can salvage the long term reputation by being open, honest and transparent.

I have no idea who was pulling the strings or who the media advisors were. There would have been a legal department involved so, to cut Mr Sutherland some slack, he may have been told what he could and couldn't say BUT if you agree to go into the lions den you have to be prepared to answer the questions.

The clue is in the title, press conference. Chances are, the journalist is unlikely to ask "is there anything you would like to say Mr Sutherland?" and the media advisors should have been prepared for the most basic of questions.

My question now would be . . . .

"When do we hear from Messrs Smith,Warner and Bancroft?"