We are all different. . .

8 Apr 2018 10:00 AMMike Bennett
We are all different. . .

Except when we're wearing a uniform and then we're all the same - almost!

So I've now completed two shifts at the Commonwealth games and, as expected, it's been a fantastic experience so far. I've met some amazing people (and a few odd ones too!) and have the privilege and pleasure of interviewing athletes straight after they have finished competing.

Being based at Oxenford studios for the duration is handy too as I only live about 10 minutes away (or 5 at the moment as there are no other cars on the M1 these days) and I have a 'not so secret' parking spot just a few minutes walk from the venue. I say not so secret as I happened to tell one of my team mates about it the other night and he posted a picture of it on Facebook so now I have to walk a lot further!

There are two topics of conversation that every volunteer will engage in at some stage:

The catering and the uniforms. As my wife will tell you (should you ever meet her at Carrara), I have no special dietary requirements. Quite simply, I'll eat anything as my waistline proves. . .more about that later however, there does appear to be something of a predictable nature to the daily menu. I realise that catering for 15,000 people every day is a huge operation but I've only been on shift twice and I can tell you exactly what will be in the selection of 3 salads, roll, sandwich or wrap. that's fine, it's all fresh and when you are eating on the go it does the trick. My gripe is far more serious. . . there's obvious favoritism going on at the serving area. Yes, I've been offered a piece of fresh fruit and a delightfully cardboard flavoured muesli bar BUT how come John had a bar of Cadbury's chocolate in his goodie bag and I didn't? eh? This requires further investigation so watch this space!

Now, the uniforms. . .I like a bright yellow with a dash of blue as much as the next person but add the purple bib that the GNS Flash quote reporters have to wear and even Stevie Wonder would tell us to turn the brightness down.

I asked one of my team mates to take a photo with the boxing ring in the background and seriously wish I hadn't!

To be fair, the uniform story started earlier in the day when I asked for the current Mrs Bennett's opinion when I was leaving for my first shift. The conversation went along the lines of :

"What do you think Mrs B?"

"Hmmm, it's very bright dear and the colour matches your teeth"

" Thanks for that wifey but I think the uniform makes me look fat?"

" Trust me, it's not the uniform!"

"Not sure what you mean but, what about the shorts, does my bum look big in these?"

"yes it does. . .because it is!"

The moral of the story is, if you don't want an honest answer, don't ask your wife the question!

The other issue I have is with the shirts. Breathable fabric? Seriously? Aquaman would struggle to breathe in these and I was sweating just trying to roll the sleeves up. Come to mention it, why do we need long sleeves at all? This is Queensland for goodness sake! Queensland where we have four seasons:

Hot, Very Hot, Sweltering and "I am NOT going outside in that!" weather. Other states have spring, summer autumn and winter but not Queensland.

Here's a challenge for you, roll the sleeves up so they sit in line with that tab attached to the button. That will keep you busy for an hour or so.

Apart from those issues all is well with my Comm Games experience :-)

Next time. . . . questions you really SHOULDN'T ask an athlete if they don't win!

We are all different. . .John D'Hooghe

Happy to pass on to you any more choc bars I get. (Hope you like the muffin I left on your desk).

Great blog and pretty accurate. Cheers French John

We are all different. . .Megan P

They have long sleeves for people like me who despite being born and raised in QLD. I'm so white I glow and my response to Sun is burn, peel and freckle. A tan is this mythical thing that happens to other people

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