Questions you shouldn't really ask an athlete. . .

10 Apr 2018 12:00 PMMike Bennett
Questions you shouldn't really ask an athlete. . .

Certainly not straight after a bout in the boxing ring anyway. Remember the saying . . ."a smack in the head, often offends!

As I prepare for my fourth shift at the Oxenford Studios to continue my work as a 'flasher' or flash quote reporter if you want the full title, it's fair to say many lessons have been learned,

Firstly the wi - fi signal in the media centre is not that stable. Our esteemed team leader Tim told us to save our work after every line just in case the signal drops and we lose the best quotes of the day.

Second lesson: Just because I've done this type of thing for 30 plus years AND have a VERY expensive broadcast quality mic doesn't mean to say it's all going to work so picture the scene. . . I'm first into the interview pen, I have my mobile phone in one hand and hugely impressive interview mic in the other. Brand new top of the range $2.99 voice recorder app open on the phone and Ben in the background waiting to bring me the winner of round one.

"Watch and learn team mates" was my parting shot as I put the phone into my pocket and had one hand free to shake hands with the winner, introduce myself and ask the first of my short but effective questions. The key to this story is putting the phone in my pocket. As I did this the connector to the phone removed itself from it's socket but I could still see that we were picking up sound so had no idea. It's VERY noisy back there but I wasn't worried because I had the best mic so what could possibly go wrong?

Hmmm, when I rushed back to the media centre with that smug feeling that I was in line for the Pulitzer prize for best factual quotes of the year it was only when I plugged in my flash (theme developing here?) noise cancelling headphones that I realised I could hardly hear a thing! Yep, all I had was the muffled audio from the phone in my pocket!

So now the voices in my head say (we all have those right?)

"OK, breathe, it's all good. Just use the software to cancel out some of the background noise and it will be fine. Must remember to save just in case the wif fi signal drops out. These are good quotes, make sure you close the page before the. . . . .seriously? It didn't save? I have to do it again? BUGGER!".

It gets better, for the next 2 interviews I make sure that the lead is held in by superglue and can't come out. . .EVER! Back to the media centre and on with the headphones and. . .SERIOUSLY? I'm locked out of the system? Not just me, the whole system went down and it was then that I made the discovery, my super duper mic didn't actually work on my phone at all and it was the in built mics that were picking up the sound. OOPS! Since then I've just used the 'interview' mode on the Samsung and it's all good. That will teach me for showing off I guess?

When I told The current Mrs Bennett the story she asked why I simply didn't make the quotes up? (This was after she had stopped laughing and muttering something about my status as family show off).

My response was "make stuff up? I can't do that can I? Who would do such a thing?"

Her reply was "hmmm Channel 9???"

Too soon?

Anyway, during the unscheduled break it did give me a chance to think of questions that may not go down that well on the occasion when the athlete has not actually won or has been eliminated from the contest. . .  (not to be taken seriously!!)

" Is it fair to say that your modelling career will have to go on hold for a while? "

" Does this mean you'll have to get a proper job? "

" Have you actually looked in the mirror? "

" Is this your way of announcing your retirement from the sport? "

" Who's idea was it for you to enter the games? "

" Should 'that' be hanging off like that? "

" What will your mum say when she sees your face? "

Feel free to add some 'inappropriate questions' of your own should you want to join in!

Next time we'll look at the power of that uniform and why it makes you a much better driver!