I know less now than I did when we started!

3 Jul 2016 7:00 PMMike Bennett
I know less now than I did when we started!

Somebody mentioned an election here in Australia but I guess I must have missed it? I certainly haven’t seen any publicity from the major parties telling me who I should vote for or what they would do for me if they were in power. . .

I think I must have missed those although I do recall seeing many reasons why I shouldn’t vote for anyone as they were all totally useless. In fact, along with a Facebook warning that told me I had to share this post or all of my private messages would become public, my children would be abducted by aliens, my wine would turn into water, my wife would run off with a fireman, I would grow another head and my chickens would no longer cross the road. You must have seen that post too? 

Obviously I shared it and, apart from having no idea where the current Mrs Bennett is right now (I did hear sirens yesterday now I come to think about it?) none of the other events have taken place so far.

My point is, for the last 9 months (it seems even longer) all we’ve been fed is a diet of negativity relating to the opposite party as opposed to some valid reasons for voting for anyone. Surely it makes sense to tell the public WHY they should vote for you and not blast them with reasons NOT to vote for the others?

Imagine if you ran your next ad campaign for your business in the same style? I don’t think me telling you that my media training course wasn’t as boring as all of the others would make you reach for the diary to book in some dates.


How about this for a slogan “Buy our home brand wheatybran flakes – they taste slightly less like cardboard than you may be used to” or what about a house builder who’s sales closer is “ our new homes aren’t quite as pokey as betterbuilds houses”

Hardly a good sales tactic yet the political parties have spent squillions with ad agencies who’s slogans should read “we’re really not quite as unimaginative as the ‘multimagamillions’ advertising team, they’re really lousy”

We want customers and clients to come to us because we offer a better service or product so surely, it makes sense to be positive about our own business rather than put down everyone else?

I’m trying to get excited by the fast food chain who might say “Those Mac-king fried turkey people use far more sawdust in their gigantor burgers than we do so buy ours instead”. . . nope, not really feeling that one.

Would you be tempted to buy a car from the dealship that tells you “The Mazforden car company have been sued even more than us so you’re better off buying your next car here”

It reminds me of that predictable and boring question you may be asked if you attend a job interview "tell me what your biggest weakness is?"  Surely your greatest strength is more relevant? I'm beginning to think that my stock response of "extreme modesty"  might have hindered my progress in the past?

I think I’ve made my point and politicians, campaign managers and ad agencies should take a leaf out of the business book and tell us what they’re good at although, now that I come to think about it, they may just have struggled to fill those 30 second slots when looking for anything positive to say. . . . . .