How safe are you? Beware what you share!

22 May 2016 8:00 PMMike Bennett
How safe are you? Beware what you share!

Just to make it clear, I haven't fallen out of love with social media. Two Facebook accounts, Two twitter pages, a dedicated radio show page, two Instagram accounts,LinkedIn and 3 websites prove that but these are changing times and the information we freely add to these and many other similar sites can come back and bite us on the proverbial rear end.

Take LinkedIn for example, a business to business site with some excellent networking opportunities and, perhaps more importantly, some like minded business owners who are happy to share a few words of wisdom, success stories and very often the top 6 things we are doing wrong with our emails/marketing/ twitter updates and LinkedIn posts. . .

Hold on, this could be one of those occasions? My rant of the week surrounds the plague of serial stalkers and trolls who appear to be frequenting my news feed with alarming regularity!


Why would a keyboard warrior with no business interests whatsoever spend hours regularly checking out my profile and the profiles of my fellow contacts? These people don't even hide their identities yet instantly lose that art of responding to questions when challenged on their never ending quest to find out where we are, what we're doing and who we're doing it with! Add to these 'sad cases' with no lives of their own, the twitter followers who have not so much as a #hashtag in common with me yet seem to appear on my followers list by the day.  


Why does Nana the Dog follow me on twitter? I don't have a puppy playmate for Nana no matter how attractive she may be to the canine community! Who is Eloo Eloo? At first I thought is was a badly spelled tribute to that famous British comedy show from the '80s but apparently not! Facebook is no better with the 'people you may know' suggestions.

There are people that I may indeed know but, for various reasons, choose not to include them on my friends lists. Ex mothers in law, pedantic former radio station bosses and certain egocentric speedway referees may indeed be people I may know but, given a choice, I would prefer not to!

The key is to only share the information on social media that you would share with everyone.

That includes your birthday, first school, favourite colour, star sign, fantasy date and anything else that could make identity theft easier than leaving the keys in the car with the engine running and a sign in the window that says "help yourself" and if you think I'm exaggerating, just have a look at your own Facebook security settings and see how much is available to people who you DON'T know!

OK, time to see what Kylie is up to today. . . . you see, we're all at it these days!