About Us

We are not a PR company, quite the opposite. We don't do good news stories, you can write them yourselves. We prepare you for a major incident, natural disaster, crisis or any incident where you may be expected to face the media.

If truth be told, we've been involved in this type of training for many years and our client endorsements say it all.

The Australian media requirements are very different to those in other parts of the world and we are assembling a team of local journalists, reporters, editors and presenters to ensure that your training requirements are in line with the Australian news media of 2024 and using the latest technology. 

We can also audit your current media plan or write one from scratch. Too many companies think it will never happen to them yet, look at some of the biggest names in Aviation, energy and major industry who have found their reputations damaged with their failure to keep the families and public informed.

Our Story

We started media training back in 1992 after many years of interviewing senior managers, CEO, company spokespeople, security guards and staff members from many different industry sectors.

Our background is in broadcast media and we have almost 30 years experience working in TV news, sport and commercial radio.

We identified the need to train anyone who may be faced with media interest during a major incident and we have delivered our training courses throughout The UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Asia Pacific regions.

From oil and gas to aviation, shipping to finance, local government through to emergency services, we have courses suited to media and relative responders, senior managers, security, reception, front of house and the company CEO.


Founder and director of Media Answers Australia with extensive experience in radio broadcasting, television filming and interviewing. Radio work includes news, sport and entertainment programmes with regular daily programmes for many UK radio stations. Currently station President and still presenting a weekly morning magazine show on Logan 101FM in Brisbane.

He has presented everything from Drivetime to the weekend breakfast slot and still views radio as one of the best forms of media communication today.  

Television work has included filming many of the major UK National and local news stories, producing and presenting sports programmes on terrestrial and satellite television and interviewing everyone from politicians to sports personalities and celebrities. Mike first became involved as a freelance cameraman and interviewer at ITV Anglia in the UK back in 1988.

Mike has a true understanding of the importance and value of a quick and accurate media response. All of this experience has proved more than useful when helping companies develop their media crisis management plans.

He has delivered training courses to clients throughout Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Russia and the Asia Pacific Region.


Co-Founder of Media Answers Australia and a fully trained camera operator in her own right. Her pictures have been used by ITV news and sport throughout the UK.

A highly experienced role player in relative responders training, Tracey has written and devised our relative responders training programme used by our clients throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She is currently studying various forms of counselling to include trauma response and handling stress - very useful during a serious incident in both the relative support team and media responders room.

Tracey has taken on the role of creating the relevant scenarios for both the media training and relative support courses and has received praise from many companies for the quality of these exercises. She has worked with relative response teams in both a support and team leader role including handling calls from media and relatives during exercises and incidents as part of our 24 hour response service.

In addition, Tracey is now a regular co-host on the 101FM Monday morning show along giving her hands on experience working in today's fast moving media world.

Her work with Lifeline, manning the telephones on the crisis support lines has helped devise and update the relative responders courses.

“Professional media and relative responders training can protect and even enhance the reputation of your company during a crisis”