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Our primary role is to provide training and support to anyone who may have to face the press during a major incident or crisis.

We show you how to handle TV and radio interviews and ensure that you protect your personal and company reputation

From crisis management media training for senior executives through to media awareness for security and front of house, we have courses that are relevant and current.

Looking after the families of your people is of vital importance so we offer relative responders, courses with professional trainers who are experienced in looking after distressed relatives and loved ones during a serious incident.

What about your in house media responders? Are they fully up to speed with the latest media requirements and the use of social media in news reporting?

Telephone media responders training, full scale exercises and 24 hour support for press office, public affairs and media spokespeople are some of the services we can provide here in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Just click on the pages of interest and you’ll find all the details of our course and services.

If you have a relevant news story or would like to share your own experiences when dealing with the press, we would love to hear from you.

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“Professional media and relative responders training can protect and even enhance the reputation of your company during a crisis”